I am a Chinese-Canadian illustrator based in Montreal, Canada, with a particular interest in the intersection of fantasy, romance, and gothic art. More than anything I enjoy bringing beloved characters to life, whether that be my own, working with clients to visualize their imagined characters, or interpreting existing character designs with my own style.
Clients I’ve worked with include: Wizards of the Coast, HarperCollins, Pocket Jeunesse, Adobe, Celsys (Clip Studio), OwlCrate, Faecrate, Illumicrate, LitJoy Crate, ChestOfFandoms, and FairyLoot.
My prices are tailored to each project and there is often flexibility depending on what you're looking for, but as a ballpark, book covers typically start in the low four-figures (USD).
At this time I am fully booked for the first half of 2024, and expect to open up again in September.
If you think my work might be a good fit for your project, please get in touch using the form below, or email me at gracezhuart@gmail.com
A non-exhaustive list of books I'd love to illustrate: Gothic (Phantom of the Opera, Dracula, Dorian Gray, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights), Classics (The Great Gatsby, Anna Karenina, Inferno, Paradise Lost), Sci-fi (Dune, Babel-17, Red Rising, Gideon the Ninth, Annihilation), Cyberpunk (Snow Crash), Fantasy (The Fifth Season, Witcher, The Last Herald-Mage, Discworld, Tortall, Elric), YA (Iron Widow, Shadow and Bone, Crave, Secret Shanghai), Dark Academia (Atlas Six), Romance (any Asian rep), Fairy Tales, Mythology (Circe, Achilles)
Thank you!
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